Luxury sweet cherries that make a difference

The quality of ingredients has a huge impact on the quality of the end product, so at Duva we keep a close eye on the buying process. We follow our cherries carefully from the moment of harvest right through to the finished product, in order to guarantee perfect quality.

How do we do this? Once a year we buy our cherries, when ripe, directly from the grower. This is done in collaboration with the Belgian Fruit Auction, which ensures that the fruit meets all the necessary quality control specifications.

As soon as the cherries are picked, they are transported in refrigerated trucks to our production centre. There they are transferred into a special liqueur mixture by a team of specialists within 24 hours of picking.

Only this way can we guarantee that our cherries have the best possible flavour. The result? Superior Cerisettes that stand out from the rest thanks to rigorous fruit selection and careful artisanal production.

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